Our team spends more energy on finding more ways to help educators and students. Student’s learning experiences are our inspiration to shape and improve more solutions. Thanks to students, each program and solution is created by our intelligent, enthusiastic, and extraordinary team members.


Mars, CEO, Founder

Mars holds a master’s degree and has worked in software and CRM companies for more than 15 years. He received the highest level of Salesforce certification in 2008. As early as 2006, he has been engaged in SaaS and cloud computing, providing consulting services on cloud computing and enterprise management for many organizations. 

In providing CRM consulting and implementation services for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and after seeing that K-12 education institutions and business schools need a management platform, the EDU Pipeline was created. He is the founder of SALESMOST, Inc. The EDU Pipeline benefits from his 18 years of experience in providing advice on Salesforce and CRM consultation and customization.


Carter, CTO, Co-Founder, Product Management

Carter is the principal leader of SALESMOST’s product from strategy to execution. He is in charge of EDU Pipeline’s product management, design, and new functions. He loves new ideas, so he is a visionary, and he also received the highest level of Salesforce certification in 2018. 

He has 15 years of CRM product design experience and extensive knowledge within the education and training sector. Before the EDU Pipeline, he built and shipped CRM products and services to many enterprises and users. In the future, he will continue to be in charge of the updates and developments of the EDU Pipeline.


Owen, VP, Engineer

Owen is the technical engineer for the EDU Pipeline, and he is our driving force behind SALSMOST and EDU Pipeline’s technical innovation. He has 10 years of experience in software engineering of cloud-based SaaS. His extensive engineering experience (Web, Mobile, Infrastructure and so on) ensures that the EDU Pipeline is at the forefront of CRM application technology. 

As a designer of EDU Pipeline technical architecture, Owen invested a lot of time and effort to support the stability and perfection of EDU Pipeline platform based on the current international leading open source architecture.


Mark, VP, Customer Success. Email:mark@salesmost.com 

Mark is primarily responsible for the EDU Pipeline’s customer success, including product extension consulting and customization implementation. Prior to working on the EDU Pipeline, he and his team provided support and professional services to government agencies, financial institutions, banks, and large companies like Sony and Apple.

He has more than 10 years of leadership experience in CRM and SaaS business consulting and in systems integration.


Alex, Consultant, Business Analyst. Email:alex@salesmost.com

Alex lead our consulting team as a business analyst, who has full experience on K-12 enterprise IT structure. In the past 7 years Alex focus on CRM consulting service to the list companies. As a Salesforce Certified consultant and developer, Alex keeps his steps to be a CRM specialist. 

Alex will response to your first call, discover your business needs and manage pain point. He will give a perfect proposal for your CRM implemetation.


Rayna, Consultant. Email:rayna@salesmost.com

Rayna, with a master’s in education, has been dedicated to providing CRM solutions to the education industry for more than four years. She has worked in K-12 schools and has learned about their business processes and training companies, as well as the CRM needs of educational institutions. 

Therefore, she can start with your business logistics and provide you with CRM solutions to help you improve efficiency, reduce cost, analyze data, and enhance core competitiveness from one platform; your entire institute’s administration can be done from just one system.


TiannaConsultant. Email:tianna@salesmost.com

Tianna has a master’s in education and is dedicated to providing CRM consulting services to education institutes and training companies. She hopes that more educators could simplify the tedious routine and focus on enabling more students to have a happy learning journey

Being student-oriented, she can provide student life-cycle CRM solutions for educational institutions and training companies. These solutions are flexible and simple to use, even if your institution or company does not have IT professionals.