Our professional service team provides you with consulting, implementation and training services, so that we can help you choose the features that are more suitable to your institution so you can run your business with the EDU Pipeline faster and smarter.



Our consulting service team will understand your business process. Before installing EDU Pipeline and starting any project, our consultants will speak with you and your team so you get a deeper understanding of your educational process and your needs. We can help your team utilize the EDU Pipeline so you can take full advantage of your current CRM.



Our implementation service team will customize oue service to fit your current process and needs. Each K-12 education institution is unique, and their needs and process are unique. We will help you and your team customize the system to fit your needs and drive your process.


Support & Training

To ensure your success, we will share with you the best practices and suggestions that come from our experience working with other K-12 institutions, and we'll teach you how to use the EDU Pipeline to meet your process and needs and to ensure an on-time and live system.