Students’ course hours inaccurate, financial troubles due to class transfer and drop out, quality of teaching and performance.


Save 30% time on administrative work

Improve teaching quality, expand collective impact

Time spent on non-value added tasks like date entry is time that could be spent building relationships and improving your programs. Keep every kid's information in one secure place. no more misplacing forms or worry about gaps in a registration profile. Freeing up countless hours at normally spent by your staff entering data participants. Automatically schedule the course, generate the cirrulumn, have the right information on hand at all times. With EDU Pipeline, all this is accomplished effortlessly.




Westlink English solve the problems of students’ course hours inaccurate, financial troubles due to class transfer and drop out, quality of teaching and performance.


Manage the entire student learning journey from their first semester to graduation, all with one EDU Pipeline platform.

The EDU Pipeline has a wide range of features for K-12 education to manage the student life-cycle by student success solutions and intervention management. From trial, enrollment, scheduling, timetabling, attendance tracking, transfer, tuition, point exchange to graduation, and feedback surveys, the EDU Pipeline is an all-in-one solution that provides a happy learning journey.

Course Management

EDU Pipeline’s flexible course management can supplement your school curriculum by managing your courses in one place, so that your students can catch up or get ahead. And school managers can track the popularity of each course.

  • Course Design

Make a course design according to the campaign ROI, the use of the classroom, and the teacher’s schedule to meet your student’s needs. Pull up a list of all the courses you offered on your website, and deliver a dynamic open class or trial that is fun and exciting to capture more students.

  • Schedule Courses Automatically

The EDU Pipeline can be easily pre-populated and matched with classroom information on the courses offered by institutions or training companies that can be re-run on multiple dates and locations. Teachers and training companies can schedule multiple courses in one action and generate the curriculum based on the remaining seats in the class and the details of the students' purchase of the course. Then they will send the private curriculum with a unique QR check-in code.

EDU Pipeline’s course management and course scheduling can help ensure that you take full advantage of your training resources by monitoring teacher availabilities and their responsibilities. It also shows the alternatives when your classes are reaching full capacity. K-12 institutions can improve the curriculum and develop more popular courses based on the popularity of the courses offered.


Contract & Financial Management

Assist the financial staff in the K-12 education institutions with the administration of tuition and contracts. Calculate discounts and actual accounts payable, and set reminders to inform students of upcoming renewal fees. Manage contracts and provide course services as contracted.

  • Contract Management

After students purchase the individual courses, they will sign a contract with the institution. EDU Pipeline helps you create a new contract, submit it for approval, and manage the contract. It will show you a 360-degree view of each student, including his or her parents' phone number, total class hours, remaining class hours, the duration of his or her contract, and other related information. The managers of K-12 institutions can also set up reminders for the class teacher to urge students to renew their tuition when the contract is about to expire.

  • Refund Application

Students may apply for a refund when they are unable to continue their studies for some reasons. K-12 institutions can create their own approval processes based on their own business processes. When the refund application is approved, the EDU Pipeline can automatically calculate the amount of the refund according to the unit price of the remaining class hours.

Private Curriculum

Students should create their schedules so that the institution can provide them with a reasonable course time. Teachers and students can check the curriculum so they can prepare for each class. They can also view the updated curriculum here in the event of a class handover. Book your courses based on the scheduling and timetabling, generate a curriculum based on classroom scheduling, and add new and existing students to the courses offered.

Attendance Tracking

Track teacher attendance and student attendance. Automate the manual check-in process, which is currently a laborious task for K-12 schools. Make sure that teachers teach on time and complete their teaching tasks. Track student attendance and calculate the remaining class hours according to their check-in with the unique QR code. Schools and institutions leverage EDU Pipeline’s attendance tracking to administer their teacher and student attendance in one platform. Our attendance tracking feature will reduce attendance calculation errors while providing parents with a precise way of checking in.

Supplementary Application

When a student fails to come to class for some reasons, an uncompleted attendance record is generated in the student’s attendance tracking information. And the student can submit his or her supplementary request, as well as view the updated attendance record with the time and classroom of the supplementary after the request approved. Then the student will receive the new updated curriculum with a new QR check-in code.


Students will be upgraded at the end of the semester, or someone can apply for transfer because it is not suitable for the course scheme. Transfer management can help administrators and educators accomplish this tedious, complex task. All student information can be transferred over to a new territory or a new class for management. At the same time, the teacher will have also completed the transfer of student handovers in the system.