Management of professors, recruitment, teaching quality, salary and students feedback.


+25% faster response to students

-30% time on administrative work

+12%student engagement & satisfaction


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JLTC College strict control the process of professors’ contract cycle from recruitment to dismiss, win a great improvement in teaching quality.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools Faculty Profiling

Maintains comprehensive faculty information, including essentail inofrmations, qualifications and skill sets. Faculty suitability for courses id intelligently identified and suggested based on course requirements and faculty qualifications. Optimize work allocation to faculty and staff based on their job types, or for a specific occupation, and present time schedules of each faculty or staff memeber without conflicts. Customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific faculty.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Faculty Scheduling

Maintain comprehensive faculty workload details for each term. If faculty members are involved in more than the number of stipulated courses in a single term, workload adjustments to balance the same can be made in the next term.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Feedback Management

Get feedback from the students and encourage future participation among students. Capture students’ feedback across courses to measure faculty performance. Compare and evaluate faculty across departments, domains and courses.

EDU Pipeline’s Faculty Management software allows you to maintain comprehensive faculty management information, including qualifications and skill sets, contract documents, define triggers to remind faculty and administrators of contract expiry dates and more, in the Faculty Management system. Capturing faculty data in multiple ways results in data inconsistencies and raises questions about how best to enhance data quality, accuracy, security, ease and timeliness of reporting while increasing cost effectiveness.

Faculty Management helps the faculty to communicate easily with students, to give students access to class documents, and for the convenience and transparency of the online gradebook.

Notify thousands of your staff with real-time updates via email, messaging and SMS alerts on news, events, announcements, attendance, evaluations, holidays, and emergencies. Select any faculty, staff and contacts for recipients.

Generate flexible and reliable reports to manage faculty and staff effectively. Customize reports with statistics and charts to support decision-making and map individual objectives to institution priorities.


  • Faculty Directory

Create an online faculty directory available to applicants and including the faculty’s academic degrees, academic appointments, and his/her awards and honors. And the faculty directory can be searchable by name, degree, book, program, course, and more.

  • Teaching Schedule

Create some custom objects and fields to manage the faculty’s teaching schedule, such as teaching period, degree course, non-degree course, and other teaching information. Plan a teaching schedule and automatically send the reminders to the responsible faculty via workflows.

  • Evaluation Standard

Create different record types to manage different evaluation standards for the different degree levels of your faculties. And each faculty should provide two kinds services: public service and academic service. Business schools also manage their public services and academic services via record types.

  • Faculty Request

Create a faculty request approval process, an automated process that is implemented to either approve or reject the faculty's request. Business schools can specify the steps necessary for the whole yes or no situation in your organization’s in-house and managerial approval processes. It can allow one step to apply to all faculty requests or some faculty requests with certain attributes, and specify who is the approver at each step. What’s more is that you can also specify the operation to be performed when a record is approved, rejected, or recalled.

  • Assignment & Claim

Build assignment rules on standard or custom objects to service efficiently. Business schools should change the ownership of public services or academic services to other right faculties based on the assignment process or criteria, such as the applicant location, their interests, and degree. And the faculty members can also claim the services based on the rules and criteria that the manager created. New faculty will track and provide service to the applicant and nurture them to get ready to apply.

  • Faculty Reservation

Build a pool of faculty resources and online recruitment in order to reserve more faculties for business schools. Set up a review and approval process, and create workflows to automate interview invitations and offers.

  • Faculty Agenda

Based on faculty schedule, generate the faculty agenda and send academic tasks, public service announcements, and webinars to the responsible faculty members automatically. Faculty agenda can well correspond to the class profile and academic tasks. Make effective use of your current faculty resources.

  • Faculty Salary Management

Use the formula field to calculate faculty compensation. According to the salary standard of different programs, the courses, quantities, and qualities of services provided by faculties, as well as faculty’s attendance, the program salary, the course salary, semester salary, and total salary are all calculated automatically.