Lost a complete view of students, students information separate in different systems.


-7% in service & support costs

+10% in service & support costs student retention

+12% student engagement & satisfaction

+25% faster response to students


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PBCSF has seen a 100% View of all students from application to admission, since implementing EDU Pipeline Higher ED solution in the fall of 2016.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Flexible Learning Content Workflow Management and Content Approval Process

The Learning Content Management system allows you to define sequential relationships between the learning objects using a highly intuitive drag and drop interface. This allows you to monitor the entire flow of the course content consumption and can also define the rules and conditions.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Build Resume

One can build effective resumes by providing comprehensive details including personal information, educational history, certifications and awards, books and publications, employment details, and other professional -level details.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Manage Different Examination Types 

Online exam management allows you to create and conduct various types of exams, including qualifying exams, mid-terms, periodic tests and many more. It also allows you to conduct exams for specific student groups rather than the whole class.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools Manage Examination Timetable

Allows you to create examination timetables that fit the criteria you specify, and also by presenting the results in different ways to help implement those exam timetables.


  • Curriculum

Students should view their class profile, and the business school can provide them with a reasonable course time. Faculties and students can check the curriculum and prepare for each class. They can also view the updated curriculum here in the event of a class handover. Generate a curriculum based on classroom scheduling, and add new and existing candidates to the courses offered.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

  • Classroom

Show available classrooms based on class profiles, as well as program and course plans. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your classroom arrangements so that business schools no longer have to worry about the complexity of programs, faculty schedules, student numbers, and course plans.

  • Attendance

Automate the manual check-in process, something that is currently laborious for business schools. Track student attendance according to their check-in. Business schools leverage EDU Pipeline’s attendance tracking in order to administer their faculties and students’ attendance in one platform. Our attendance tracking feature will reduce attendance calculation errors while providing students with an exact method for check-in.

  • Student Registers

List the student name of each class profile, and faculty can use student registers and attendance tracking to measure student attendance and academic performance. Business schools can create a new trigger to send a reminder to a student when the number of times his or her attendance is less than the specified.

  • Transcripts

Faculty and students can view students’ academic performance and progress with transcripts, including transcripts of a course, grade point average, exam scores, and more. Calculate the student’s grade point average and update their exam results automatically via formula fields and field updates.

  • Feedback

Timely feedback from students and faculties is an important part of a business school’s ability to provide applicants and candidates with a good learning experience. We provide features such as task reminders, workflow, and field updates to keep in touch with students, so that both business schools and students can get effective feedback.