Ensure efficient program delivery everytime

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CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools Academic Structure

Set up your higher education institution's academic structures to include multiple programs and courses offered by the institute. Define prerequisites for courses to define course levels and dependencies. School and college administrators can efficiently manage resources and optimize allocation of resources through automated timetable scheduling.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Term/Semester Management

Create and plan academic terms, including courses to be offered, faculty, and student intake. Set up multiple term types based on institute norms. Plan and schedule all your courses for each class period using the academic calendar for students to view, plan and prepare for assignments, examination, quizzes and feedback according to the timetable.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools Course Calendars

Maintain multiple calendars, displaying scheduled lectures, tutorials, exams as well as submission deadlines. Get a single view of schedule by workweek, day, month or any time frame through a consolidated view of multiple calendars.


Efficiently manage your MBA or EMBA programs with one platform. If the prospective applicant is excited by the idea of learning from your university or college, they’ve started to select the matching programs.

  • Program Product Suites

Manage all of your program products in here, and a program manager can update and view the offered program products, create a new program, and its details and status. This module will help you provide more programs to capture more prospective students and help get them their degree.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

  • Course Management

EDU Pipeline’s flexible course management can supplement your curriculum by managing your open class and courses all in one place. It will help your students catch up or even get ahead. And university and college faculty can track the popularity of each course.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

  • Curriculum

Make a curriculum according to the program and the number of students. Pull up a list of all the courses of each program you offered in your system and deliver dynamic programs and courses that are fun and exciting in order to enroll more prospective students.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

  • Online Application

Applicants may apply online during any one of the application rounds the university or college offers each year. Break through the time and the region limit; applicants can apply to your MBA or EMBA program whenever and wherever they are.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

  • Application Status

Once the application is started, your admissions department can check on the progress towards completion through application status. Track trends and individual applications from start to finish so that you can move students through the admissions process quickly.