How can you manage and support recruiting & admission process?


+9% applicant satisfaction

+17% applications for admission

+17% yield from admit to commit

+31% enrollment efficiency


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HKUST increased lead generation by 23% and reduced time spent on enrollment by over 17% within the first year of rolling out EDU Pipeline.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Applications and Admissions

Maintain a comprehensive list of all application details. Define course-specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Track the full status of student applications throughout the admission process, from inquiry through application, admission and enrollment.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

 Automatic Approval/Rejection Rules

Define course-specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Configure rules and conditions for provisional registration. Access student data from anywhere and streamline evaluation processes, which allows you to automatically approve or reject applications for specific courses, or assign them to staff.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools


All registrations for a particular course are recorded and collated automatically. Receive information on learning centers, classrooms and other physical and online facilities. Also manage student’s enrollment and registration for courses by configuring rules and conditions. Automatically capture student data and register all types of students, including new, transfer, continuing, credit and non-credit students.


It is time-consuming and frustrating to track and manage an application for both prospective and business schools. We recognize the need for intuitive and easy-to-use tools when it comes to application tracking and management. Enable your institutions to experience significant reductions in application lifecycle times.

  • Submitting Application Materials

There is no need to email, fax, or mail application materials to the university admissions office. Applicants can fill out and update their application materials or relevant information online and submit them online. The university or college will review the application materials online and remind you of your application status.

CRM solutions for k-12 education and Business Schools

  • Letters of Reference

If you decide to apply to an MBA or EMBA program, business schools need the stories about your behavior, impact, and personal qualities from others; these stories play an essential role in the institution's evaluation of your application, so you should provide specific examples and anecdotes that illustrate the applicant’s ability and desire to make a difference. We provide a tool to view your letters of reference in the platform.

  • Application Review

Once the online application is submitted, a review will pull all the applicant required information and associated documents into a single view for your admission and faculty review teams to quickly and easily evaluate applications.

  • Exam Schedule

Manage your MBA or EMBA exam structure, exam locations, exam fees, and more in the exam windows. Applicants can view more information on the exam and resources. Based on your exam schedule, administrators may set up reminders and workflows to automatically send the exam location and time to applicants.

  • Interviews

Every candidate who ultimately receives an offer of admission will be interviewed. The MBA admissions office considers the applicant’s interview in context to their entire application and continues to evaluate their candidacy. So institutions need manage interview schedules, interview processes, and interview scores with one platform. You can manage all interview details in one module, “Interviews,” and invite interviews automatically through our workflows.

  • Admitted Offer or Decline Letter

There are many routine tasks in daily interviews, and you can configure workflow rules to finish the routine tasks automatically and make your business hours more productive, so you can focus on streamlining admissions and interviews. Institutions can make the routine tasks automatically based on workflow criteria and action, such as the admitted offers and decline letters you regularly send.

  • Payment Management

Build your own native custom payment workflow on both standard and custom objects to manage all of your payments, to check the fees the applicant should pay for, as well as the revenues. Report your program, registration, or exam fee to the applicants via your website and collect payments online.

  •  Candidate Tracking

From online application to receiving MBA degree, you can build custom objects and fields to track your candidates. Improve candidate experience by linking information and performance. Enhance the 360-degree view of an applicant with the tracking and direct feedback. Build rich forms with multiple pages, conditions, and branches, or edit your page layouts to know all the required information via any device.

  • Class Profile

The MBA or EMBA program’s candidate pool is ever-changing, so the numbers for the entering class have to change, too. With your program's class size, every student influences the class profile. We provide class profiles to admit applicants person by person and assess each applicant based on his or her own merit.

  • Deferred Enrollment

Business schools can build some condition fields on standard or custom objects according to their own requirements, so that applicants who fail to enroll on time for some reasons can choose a deferred enrollment. And the system will automatically add them into the next application round and reserve a place for them in the next class profile.