Save 30% time on administrative work

Assign and update daily pickup tasks automatically

Comprehensive student management and survey feedback

CRM solutions for k-12 after school and higher education

Capture Potentail ClientsConverting Potential Clients to Enrollment
Online Application to Enrollment
Empower your online chatGenerate a potential recordTurning your online enrollment to contract
Capture vital details and leads from web visitorsTurning your potential clients to enrollmentTurning your offline enrollment to contract
Transition your web visitors to clients

Invoice to Payment to QuickBooksMater ViewStudent Pickup Task Assignment
Automated delivery of invoice to parentsView all student detail on one pageAssign daily pickup task with one click
Tuition payment processEasy and intuitively update student dataModify pickup request in real time
Automatically synchronize your financial data to QuickBooks

Pickup & Check InComprehensive Student ManagementStaff Performance Survey Feedback

check the latest schedule pickup task on one page

360-Degree View of StudentAutomatically generated performance surveys
Provide real-time check in and updates on driver's pick taskUnlock a complete view of all your studentsLinks of the surveys will be delivered to parents

Feedback can be anonymous

Accurate, consistent, unbiased staff performance feedback

Performance based HR management